Life Insurance In New Jersey

Ensuring Your Future is Bright

Protecting Your Family (Including Your Fur Babies!)

Many people have a misconception of what life insurance actually is. While the name is apropos, it is misleading, but calling it "death insurance" is not quite accurate either.

Life insurance ultimately is something you purchase to ensure the life of your family when you pass on from this world. It insures your family's life so that they can continue to pay the bills, have a roof over their head, and have food on the table while they cope with your loss. Jersey Pride Insurance Agency offers a variety of life insurance policies to meet your needs, from term to whole life. Protect your family, and reach out to our team to learn more.


  • Help pay for final expenses after your death

  • Can help replace income after your death

  • Can be a great way to pass on money after your death

  • Can be used to pay for estate taxes

  • Can give you peace knowing your loved ones are taken care of

  • Is normally tax-free

  • Does not have to go through probate, meaning your loved ones have access to the cash quickly

Life insurance should frankly be mandatory, along with health insurance, for your family. Life insurance literally can be extremely affordable, less than the price of your favorite espresso drink at Starbucks. The resistance comes from the fact that no one wants to face the fact that they will die at some point, and you don't know when that will happen. While the average life expectancy only keeps increasing due to advancing medical care and technology, accidents and illnesses happen every day. If you were to die, how would your family cope financially?

Jersey Pride Insurance Agency offers a life insurance policy that will meet your and your family's needs. Term life insurance is the most affordable option and can be procured for less than one dollar a day, or for as little as $30 a month. It's one of the best investments you can ever make. Below, we'll dive further into the benefits of life insurance. Contact our insurance agency today!



Use For Maintaining Quality of Life

When you pass, your family will be devastated, no question. However, we've seen that when an untimely death occurs, the financial repercussions can only add to the heartache when there was no life insurance in place, especially if you are the breadwinner of the family. If your spouse has to now go out and find a job, put your children in daycare or find alternative care solutions, and try to pay the bills that previously two incomes were paying, this is added stress on your grieving family. Instead, when you have a life insurance policy in place, your family can now concentrate on how to go on with life without you, instead of stressing over unpaid bills.


Helps Pay for Final Expenses After Your Death

The average cost of a funeral has skyrocketed these days, running between $7,000 and $12,000. If you died earlier than your life expectancy, chances are you didn't have time to save this money for your funeral, which means your family is responsible for it. And that's not all. Your family may have to pay inheritance tax on money you left behind or estate taxes, dependent on state laws, if you had a will or a trust, and other factors. And if you were in the hospital, those are additional expenses. To put it bluntly, death is not cheap these days, but having a life insurance in place will help to ensure that your family will not have to worry about these expenses.


Offers Peace of Mind

Jersey Pride Insurance Group believes that the biggest benefit of life insurance is peace of mind. We sincerely hope that you'll never have to use your life insurance plan, which is our hope for all of our insurance policies. However, being realists, we believe that it's best to be prepared should the worst happen, whether that be a house fire, a car accident, or your untimely death. Since life insurance has beneficiaries, you often can avoid probate, and your family can access your life insurance funds right away, usually tax-free. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your family is taken care of financially. And that to us is priceless.


Jersey Pride Insurance Group is an insurance agency that offers all types of insurance for your home or business. From homeowners' insurance and car insurance to business insurance and pet insurance, we've got your insurance needs covered. When you are prepared for the worst, you can live your life without fears, worries, or concerns. Call us today for your free insurance quote!

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